Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Noun is name from a noun, a place or someone name, for example : tiger, day, Jakarta, Krishna.
There are some kinds of noun, that can be classified as follows :
1. Concrete noun and abstract noun
Concrete noun
Show names from visible objects or groped.
Abstract noun shows names from a matter of can not be seen or groped. Abstract noun is deed names, feeling, condition or quality.
Example :
Concrete noun Abstract noun
Leader Leadership
Brother Brother hood
King Kingdom

2. Common noun and proper noun
Common noun is name that go into effect for all object or insider of a certain group.
Proper noun is name that only owned by one object, a place or someone, proper noun always by the start of capital letter.
Example :
Common Noun Proper Noun
Student Indresh wara
Suburb Bintaro
Mountains Mt. Everest

3. Count noun and mass noun
Count noun is names of things that can the of. Count noun can diawali with number.
Mass noun is names of things that incalculable.
Example :
Count noun Mass noun
(two) cupt Milk
(three) claps Applause

4. Unit noun and measure
Unit noun and measure noun is noun that show size.
Example :
Unit noun Measure noun
a piece (of cloth) a metre (of cloth)
a lump (of sugar) a kilogram (of sugar)

5. Species noun and collective noun
Species noun is noun that show type, whereas collective noun shows group.
Species noun Collective
a type (of ship) a fleet (of ships)
a make (of car) a family (of cars)

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