Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Is word that show deed that conducted by a noun or by pronoun, missal sleep, read or drive.
Verb are divided into two big groups, that is verb and auxiliary verb. Verb is bodywork from predikat, whereas auxiliary verb in character only helps verb.
Verb consist ofs four groups “to be”, intransitive verbs, transitive verbs and compulative verb.
1. To be wear to connect noun with adjective.
Example :
She was very disappointed
In Indonesian language, to be are not weared, until this sentence can translate become : Crestfallen He.
2. Intransitive verb, is verb that can not be continued with noun.
Example :
The car stopped
3. Transitive verb, is verb that usually followed by noun.
Example : She broke the vase.
4. Compulative verb, connective sentence fundamental with sentence continuation. This Verb is followed by adjective or noun.
Example :
They look sad
He became my by friend.

Auxiliary verb consist ofs three kinds of, that is primary auxiliary verb, capital auxiliary verb and negative.
Primary auxiliary verbs is words to do, to have and to be, that weared to explain verb.
Example :
She was sewing her blouse when I came in.
Capital auxiliary verb, is words can, done, may, might, must, need, ought to, shall, will, would.
Example :
She clare note go to the island alone
Negative is words that formed by enhance note word.
Example :
She cannot swim.

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